Monthly Archives: April 2012

Stillness is here

After an amazingly powerful Journey Intensive weekend with Brandon Bays I am feeling more open, empty and free. Now that I’m more empty there is more room for stillness to come in. What a gift is was to be part of such a beautiful event! Whenever we clear out at a deep cellular level using the Journey it cleanses every part of our being.

I’ve had a busy week since the workshop. On top of it all, the energy of the full moon has been throwing things up in the air for me. Does anyone else experience this around the full moon period? Things seem to get a bit hectic and the universe gives me lots of tests. Despite all this I’ve been wide open to everything. The huge stillness inside me has been embracing it all. 

The more we clear out what doesn’t serve us, the more room we leave for grace to come in. I’ve also been more effective and action focused this week. There has been lots of doing with no thinking mind taking over. My meditations have also been deeper and even more effortless. Living from this place of stillness is the best gift I can give to myself.

The stillness is always here and it never leaves us. Sometimes we just need to remove the blocks that are stopping us from fully experiencing it.

I hope that this long Easter break gives many more of us the opportunity to stop and recognise our own stillness inside.