Monthly Archives: May 2012

Let go and trust

It’s amazing how when we really stop, open our being and trust the universe steps in and responds in the most incredible ways.

I’m forever deepening on my own healing journey and always find that the more I clear out, both energetically and emotionally, I’m able to attract the most amazing things into my life.

When we change internally we give off an energy that everything and everyone responds to.  It’s like every cell in our body says ‘yes’ to life.

Less mind chatter, more peace

Over the past month, I’ve been less in my mind and in a more trusting space which has been hugely powerful.

I’m more relaxed, happier and less attached to outcomes. I know I’ll always be taken care of and can go with the flow of life. With less mind chatter in the way, I am able to focus on what I want, then detach and let the universe take care of the rest.

Responding to change

Recently I’ve found that many people, myself included, seem to be experiencing a great deal of change. It’s like life wants us to start afresh and go in a different direction. We can shed an old skin, expand our comfort zone and grow if we are willing to go through change.

Sometimes we may not want to go down a different path. We try and cling to our old ways and might even kick and scream, outraged that we find ourselves in these circumstances.


Whatever life puts on our path, we always have a choice in how we deal with it. What you make of change is up to you. You can either resist and contract, or trust that it’s all happening for a reason.

Change can bring up lots of emotions, but if we are able to stay present and fully feel them, we can open into a place of deep peace and give ourselves the opportunity to expand and open into a new energy.