Monthly Archives: September 2012

Living on purpose

As Brandon Bays recently gave a Living Your Purpose workshop in London, I’d like to expand on my own recent life changes that have led me to now live more ‘on purpose’.

Hand on heart, I can honestly say that I have had my most incredible, powerful, expansive and joyful year yet. Put simply, I have let go of resisting, playing small and blocking my real desires.

A huge potential had been bubbling up inside me for months. But rather than listening to it, I stuffed it down and maintained the status quo. There was too much fear around change and I did not want to go there.

Knocking on Heaven’s door

However, the universe was no longer willing to allow me to hide. It was as if truth itself came knocking at my door, in my face. As the year went by, the knocking became louder and more intense until the door was knocked off its hinges.

Up until then it was as if I had been scared of my own dreams and true desires. Scared to fully shine, scared to be fully seen.

When I let go of one area of my life that no longer served me, a domino effect of pure freedom ensued.

Fierce prayer

I put out a fierce prayer to live from my truth everyday, no matter what. To really embody my prayer, I had to completely surrender to my fear and anxiety and go right into the core of it – into the tiger’s mouth. My usual safety net was taken away and there was no place to run or hide.

In true Journey style, as Brandon Bays says: “If you open into the core of any emotion, there you will find the peace you are seeking.” Not only was there peace beneath the fear, but a massive inner bliss and freedom. It’s as if I am now fearless.


Living from this place has been overwhelmingly powerful. I have totally stepped into my own power and potential. My life has taken on a new direction – one that is fiercely grounded in my truth.

The universe now mirrors this back to me in everything I do and everyone I meet. My creative juices have gone into overdrive of late, and I’ve got so much energy I feel like a teenager again!


With less internal clutter I am now on a roll, flowing effortlessly. Being in the flow, the universe seems to be delivering my requests very quickly. I am having a lot of fun putting out for what I want and then enjoying the manifestation process unfold.

Trust and be gentle

The main lesson I’ve learned is to listen to my own intuition, trust and be gentle and honest with myself. It can be painful and frightening to turn the spotlight on inside, especially if like me, you don’t want to face what’s really there. The benefits of doing deep self enquiry work and an emotional spring clean far outweigh living a life of pretence.

In love with life

I have taken off my lampshade and allowed myself to shine. My inner joy, or ‘euphoric high’ as my close friends have come to call it, is infectious. My heart is wide open and I am in love with life itself. Everyday is now a celebration and I raise a champagne glass overflowing with gratitude to where I am inside and to everyone around me.

Brandon Bays in London for special one-day event

This Saturday 29th September 2012, Brandon Bays is offering a brand new seminar with Alternatives in St. James’s, London entitled Living Your Divine Purpose.

In this dynamic and highly experiential day with Brandon Bays you will dive in and clear deeply held blocks, fears, old limiting beliefs, that have been holding you back and with powerful process work you will liberate your true divine potential – the natural passion, the joy that is your own essence.

From this deepest place you will open into who you really are, uncovering your souls purpose, creating an inspiring vision for your life.

The day is jam packed with powerfully clearing, liberating process work, meditations and vision questing and there will also be time to interact personally with Brandon in Satsang. A day to refresh and renew your life.

Visit the Alternatives website to find out more and book a place.