Monthly Archives: October 2012

Waves of love and gratitude

Waves of love: the beautiful space my client opened into during her Journey process today. Waves of gratitude: the space I am in as I sit and write this.

It is massively rewarding being able to facilitate openings of Grace like this. I am hugely blessed to do this work. My client went home feeling lighter, happier and shining. I love being a Journey Practitioner; it means I get to bask in this lovely energy with all of my clients.

I have just returned from serving as a trainer at the recent Journey Intensive in London. It was a profound weekend – the energy was on fire. As always, Brandon Bays was absolutely amazing. There is nothing like being in the presence of 100 people who have opened into their own essence.

It made me really proud to be a Journey Practitioner. I worked with many people throughout the course of the two days I was there. Every time I thought the way I was feeling couldn’t get any deeper, I was blown away again and again. It’s a confirmation that bringing this amazing work out to the world is the right thing for me to do.

Although I have attended many Journey Intensives over the past six years, there is still a freshness each time I go. As the energy at the event is so intense, my own Journey processes there are very deep.

I’ve been able to let go of a huge amount of old baggage at a core level of my being. The result is that I feel incredibly still and relaxed. Any tension I had has melted away. Even my shoulders have dropped by a couple of inches. From this place I am more alert and focused.

Nothing can stop the spiritual high. Not even when I got a puncture whilst driving back home on the M4 motorway at the end of the first day of the event! Although we’d been up since 5.30am, my fellow Journey Practitioner friends and I sat laughing and joking whilst waiting for the AA to come and put my spare tyre on.

I am still integrating the whole experience. After any healing work, it is essential that we listen to and nurture our body. This is something I always make clear to my clients. So I have had early nights for the past couple of days and I am grateful for the extra rest.

If my body had words to communicate it would say: “Thank you! Thank you for coming home to your true self and letting me fully shine to the world.”

Good night everyone – I am off once again to rest deeply in the arms of Grace.

Journey Intensive in London with Brandon Bays

Calling all lovers of truth! Brandon Bays is back in London on the 19th-21st October 2012 giving a three-day Journey Intensive workshop.

If you feel called to clear out the issues that have held you back and to come home to your true essence then come along!

It’s an experiential workshop where you’ll learn powerful tools and techniques to let go of old emotional baggage. Take my word for it, by the end, you’ll be in a totally different space. It’s been five years since I attended my first Journey Intensive workshop and I have not looked back since.

No prior knowledge or experience is required to attend. Find out more and book your place via The Journey website.

I will be a trainer at the seminar this week, helping out behind the scenes and supporting the delegates. It is also an opportunity for me to clear out at a deep level and to rest in my own stillness.

The event always leaves me on an internal high, feeling washed from the inside out. My fellow Journey Practitoners will be there and I look forward to connecting with them all. I will check in when I’m back to share my experience of it all.