Monthly Archives: June 2013

Support through challenging times

How do we give ourselves the support we need during challenging times? Support seems to be a big topic right now. Over the past few weeks I’ve seen many people go through some sort of issue, or encounter what I call a ‘bump’ along their path.  It could be a relationship issue, dealing with change, a challenge or a strong emotion triggered by an unexpected event. Whatever it is, it can send us into turmoil. How we deal with this turmoil is another issue in itself.

Dealing with our emotions

Most of us are not taught from a young age how to deal with our emotions. We therefore grow up as adults afraid of them, and in turn afraid of what lurks beneath. It’s like we’re afraid of meeting ourselves fully and therefore not really standing in our own power. When turmoil comes up we’ve created plenty of strategies to varnish over the depths of what is really going on inside. Our emotions are narcotised – be it through eating, watching TV, gossiping, shopping or generally keeping ourselves super busy.  

Internal jungle

Many of us simply don’t have the tools to deal with ourselves at a deep level.  We are all humans and life happens. Dealing with your own issues can feel like a jungle that you’re never going to find a way out of. The mind chatter and anxiety that takes over can be overpowering.

As a therapist I’m lucky to be able to catch myself at my own game. I’m even more blessed to have the support network around me through conscious friends and other therapists. If ever I’m feeling stuck they support me to the highest standard. The more of my own internal clutter I’m able to meet and clear, the more I can support other people to do the same.

Opening to support

 I’ve recently been making a conscious effort to be more generous with myself through nurturing my body. This week I took myself away to a beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales to stay with a fellow Journey practitioner friend. It was a deeply healing retreat and has reminded me of the power of opening to support.  I’ve come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

A way out of  the jungle

If you are currently going through a period of turmoil, give yourself the gift of letting someone else support you. Using the tools that work for me I can shine a light on your jungle to gently guide you out of it. It all starts with speaking up and I am more than happy to talk with anyone who is drawn to work with me.