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Let go and live in the moment

Let me share a recent experience that really taught me to live in the moment and trust…

Eleonora and NeelaHaving never been to Asia before, I decided to book a flight to India as part of my birthday celebrations. Another reason I decided to go is because a good friend of mine lives there. Neela is a huge inspiration and the personification of present moment awareness and trust in the universe. Three years ago she left her corporate job to set up her own holistic therapy business. Her heart is drawn to India and she is now based there.

Let go and trust

Moving from city to city and not knowing where her next income is coming from, Neela has learnt to let go of the need for security and attachment and to simply open into trust. Travelling around the northern part of India with her, I had to eventually let go and do the same.


Settling into the energy of the firehouse they call India took some getting used to. Although I’m well travelled and acquainted with different cultures, it was a shock to arrive in central Delhi. The noise, the crazy traffic near missing other vehicles, the smog, the humidity, the poverty and intensity all had me on edge. I was forced out of my comfort zone.

Eleonora at the City Palace, Udaipur

Go with the flow

Whether we were arriving in a mountain village shattered after a 12 hour bus ride with no hotel booked or waiting in the pouring rain and sweltering heat hoping our bus would show up, I had no choice but to go with the flow. In fact the whole holiday itinerary was planned in the moment, including flights and our chosen locations. This was something that Neela insisted on before I even arrived and I had to admit that it made me anxious.

No certainty

“This is India,” Neela told me, “there’s no certainty here.” Coming from an orderly country like England I felt slightly lost. The truth is that there is no certainty with life – yet we hold onto security with a tight grip.

“I’ve no idea where I’m going to be from month to month,” Neela explained to me. She travels around to work with clients, run workshops and serve as an emotional trainer at events, including the Journey which was recently introduced to India.

Neela described the process of leaving behind her life in the UK: “There comes a point when you need to just let go. I had to really push myself and just do it. I’m always taken care of out here and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.” Having built up a network of close friends and spiritual community, she is never far from support.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Eleonora and Neela

During my time in India I also had the privilege of learning Emotional Freedom 

Technique. It helped me to release tension that I’d been holding in my body. Being great for fears and phobias, I also used it to overcome my fear of flying cockroaches! For the rest of my holiday I was able to happily get by if I saw one.

Letting go of tension

I held on tightly to Neela when I first arrived – scared of the unknown and tense as I walked past the animals, speeding autos and all that the streets had to offer. By the time my holiday was nearing its end I’d taken on a new, more relaxed approach. I blended in, picked up some Hindi, connected well with the people and even began to enjoy the uncertainty each day. If I’d planned everything out in a regimented way it would have taken the spontaneity and spark out of the trip.

Being taken care of

To top it off, the universe really did seem to take good care of us. When Neela left her phone in a taxi it was returned the next day by the friendly driver. My missing phone charger was also returned by helpful hotel staff.

Overall we had an amazing time and lots of fun. My birthday evening was spent in Udaipur, known as the City of Lakes. We ate fantastic food and drank cocktails on a riverside rooftop restaurant under the stars. Another highlight was visiting McLeod Ganj – home of the Dalai Lama. Waking up each morning and hearing the monks chanting in the temple was amazing. Everything always works out well in the end. 

Sunset on Lake Pichola, Udaipur, India

Blessings and gratitude

India has taught me to be grateful for all I have as the poverty in some areas is shocking. The petty things we seem to complain about bear no relevance in comparison to some people’s lives. The air we breathe and the roof over our head are blessings we take for granted.

The adventure has helped me to let go, trust and enjoy life from moment to moment. I know I will always be taken care of and the more I affirm this, the more the universe confirms it to me.

Sitting in our hotel room I caught sight of Neela’s screen saver on her laptop. It sums up my whole Indian experience: Life begins where fear ends.

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