Monthly Archives: January 2014

Living from the heart

For me, 2014 is all about living from my heart. It’s about breaking down the shells that stop me from connecting fully with myself and other people so I can be in a more authentic, heart centred space.

Over the past two months I’ve personally shared grief and loss with close family members and friends. It has made me realise that not only is life short, but it is sacred. Nothing throws you more than when tragedy crosses your path.

Heart transformation

Being in a compassionate energy was the start of my heart transformation that has made me softer, more open and alert.

When a Opening to loveJourney Practitioner friend gave me a Journey process recently, I went to a hugely vulnerable place. It felt like the vulnerability had been hidden by layers of hardness around my heart, shutting me down to myself and to different aspects of my life.

I broke through protection shells around my heart chakra. The result was that I was able to access a deep love that washed through me. To be and feel love instead of an unconscious protection is an amazing place to be. I’m more flexible, open minded and lively.

Manifesting from the heart

The more you clear out internally, the easier it is to receive from the universe. The intentions that I’m putting out are being delivered at lightning speed. I’m watching my thoughts as I know they are real living things that life reflects straight back to me. I am manifesting what I want from my heart and using it to see if something feels right or wrong.

 To top it off, I’m more flexible, relaxed and have tons of energy. In fact, since letting go of what no longer serves me I’ve been hitting the gym more often and am now leaner and more toned. This is really a great way to start the New Year! I’ve got no doubt that our emotional baggage literally keeps us physically weighed down on an unconscious level.

Sending love

The heart is so open that I’m much more in tune with other people’s state of being and I’m able to respond from a loving place to whatever is thrown my way. I am of course a human being, life happens and yes I get frustrated. The difference is I am gentle and compassionate with myself and recognise when I am resisting something. The most supportive and nurturing thing is I am sending myself and others love.

Gratitude list

So what small practical step can you take to open your heart? Start by appreciating everything that is going well in your life as it creates an abundant energy around you. Remember when you focus on lack you get more of it. Make a gratitude list and note down everything you are thankful for – even the tiniest things. When you open your heart in this way you let the universe in.

My intention for this year is to really follow my heart. My prayer for you is that you open your heart to do the same.