Monthly Archives: May 2015

‘Journey @ Home’ Video Intensive event

The new two day ‘Journey @ Home’ Video Intensive event is taking place on Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August 2015, in Ewell (near Epsom), Surrey.

I’ll be part of a team of trainers (all experienced Journey Practitioners) supporting the event which is a new way to experience a Journey Intensive in a more intimate setting. Over the two days you will:

  • Uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns, resolving and forgiving old issues so that your body is free to access its own healing potential.
  • Penetrate and clear stubborn emotional blocks that have, perhaps unknowingly, held you back for years.
  • Master practical, easy-to-use tools and experience joy and freedom in your life every day.

Click here for all the details and booking information.