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About me


Hello and welcome, I’m Eleonora.

Tree in the parkMy own healing journey began eight years ago when I was given a Reiki treatment as a gift. I was blown away by the results – I felt so deeply relaxed. When I discovered that I could learn it for myself I jumped at the chance.

Becoming a Reiki healer propelled me on a path of self discovery through all things spiritual and holistic. I came across Brandon Bay’s work, The Journey, in 2006. I found it was a powerful way to connect deeply to my emotions and to clear out issues that have held me back.

Empowering myself and gaining clarity and confidence has led me to a place of acceptance with myself and my life. Wanting to take this work out to the world, I became an Accredited Journey Practitioner in 2011.

Your healing journey starts from within

I believe that everyone’s healing journey starts from within. This is where all the answers lie. The clearer we are inside, the wider space we leave for joy and freedom in our lives.

When we turn the spotlight on and become clear, we can recognise the gift that we truly are. I am hugely passionate about being a healing guide and supporting people on their individual paths.

Your healing journey is unfolding all the time. In fact, it never stops. The road can sometimes feel rocky and I see each bump as an opportunity to look inside and grow.

Healing painting

Practising meditation helps me to stay centred. Taking the time to stop, wind down and be still is hugely beneficial. Regular meditation makes it easier to ride the wave of life. From a quiet place we can connect to our true selves, away from the chatter of our minds.

My work is based in Sutton, Surrey and I welcome clients from all walks of life. If you feel drawn to work with me, I would love to hear from you.

My writing

Writing has been my passion since I was a child and I have always had a deep innate urge to put pen to paper. As I grew up it became natural for me to write and I began freelancing for different publications.

I then got to put my passion into action through gaining a journalism degree. My degree taught me about the art of communication and the many different ways you can apply it.

Since then, I have gone on to work in public relations and marketing for the private and public sectors. My roles have included writing and producing copy for both print and digital media for a wide variety of audiences.

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