Being true to ourselves

How often do we stop to assess whether what we’re doing is really right for us? How many of us settle for second best in life knowing full well our heart desires more?

I can reflect on my own experience of staying in a relationship that I knew was no longer right. Fear played a big factor in stopping me from moving forward. It also stopped me from being honest with myself and others.  

For months I danced around a deep inner knowing that the relationship was not energetically right for me. Yet I still stayed. Looking back, I think I learned to block my inner truth each day from myself and others.

Year of change

2012 has been a year of big changes and breakthroughs for me. The more I’m willing to really face my fears, the more the universe opens up with amazing opportunities.

It took the right timing for me to really look into my heart and act on my truth. As other areas of my life blossomed, it became harder to keep the truth at bay.

The longing to fully honour myself and leave the relationship began to get stronger. I am a Leo and always find that the summer time energises me. As my birthday approaches I always reflect on the past year of my life. I found myself asking, ‘Do I still want to continue this cycle?’ My heart screamed, ‘No!’

Stepping into my truth

There were so many signs around telling me to set myself free. With my new found Leo strength I took a leap into the unknown. When I took one step towards my truth, it took a thousand steps back. Moving away from the relationship took courage and strength. Of course I have supported myself using all the tools I have, especially The Journey.

I never realised how powerful being true to myself would be. It has felt like stepping into a different energy – one that is massively joyful! I feel like a snake that has shed an old skin.

Keeping my truth at bay not only zapped my energy, but suppressed my inner joy. Yet at the time, I didn’t even know it. Now I’ve allowed this freedom in, I am lighter and less serious.

Even my friends say I am now more vibrant. Those closest to me also knew I wasn’t fully resonating my truth when I was in the relationship.

Lion and fire

By letting go of one area of my life, I now seem to be flowing again in all directions. I am shining like the fiery lion that I really am and I’ve finally felt moved to write for my website after so long.

As my birthday approaches it will be a time of honouring how far I’ve come this year. I can certainly say that living my truth is the best birthday gift I’ve ever given myself.

Wishing all the lovely Leos around the world a very happy birthday!


If you are going through a period of change and would like to be supported through Journey work or Reiki then please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

3 Responses to Being true to ourselves

  • What an inspirational blog! and a very happy birth – day to the courageous part of you that is willing to honour yourself and your relationships in this precious life of ours. Just imgaine how much less suffering there would be if we could all do the same.When I look back over the times I have followed my heart and the gifts they have brought, I have learnt that its less painful in the end to jump and trust, that to push everything down and maintain the staus quo. I am grateful I have found this out now while still active and ‘young’ enough to reap the pleasures of following my heart.
    May this year be full of even more dreams manifesting effortlessly and every day be filled with joy and happiness.

  • Tanja says:

    Dear Eleonora,
    That is a beautiful encouraging story you wrote and I fully understand everything you are saying. Not so much with my relationship now but with a relationship I had once had with someone, not romantically but even so. What matters was that the moment I spoke my truth and said what was kept inside for many many years, my joy seemed to come back in me and my life and it felt like a totally new energy came over me. Just like you now. I am so happy for you and also proud by not giving only you a better life but also the person you were with, by wishing for him someone that suits him better. May you have a wonderful new year of life! Your friend, Tanja from Holland

  • Patrizia says:

    Just always visualize the Lion from the Universal Studio Logo when you get stuck, its like a mirror and says it all! Well done for writing this blog and well done for bruising my eye (hahaha, should read …. for challenging my past life bruise to heal). You are sending a big message to everybody in a similar situation. Will forward this to a few friends of mine, it will give them strength. LOVE – from you lion mate/mane Patrizia